Kläschen, with origins dating back more than 600 years, is the traditional winter festival in Lemgo. It is celebrated every December from the first Thursday of the month through the following Sunday. The large festival in the city centre complete with rides and stands selling regional specialties draws visitors from far and wide to the old Hanseatic city. During the celebration, which marks the high point of the end of year activities, one can expect bustling business in the local bars, restaurants and cafés.

Visitors in the historical old city will experience a kilometre long sea of stands selling mulled wine, gifts, sweets and many other lovely things. At the fairgrounds, guests will experience carnival rides of all sorts such as a nostalgic Ferris wheel, and a haunted house, booths offering shooting galleries and games of chance as well as many other exciting attractions. Every year during the festival, good vibes radiate from the Marketplace. Festively decorated stands offering mulled wine, punch, and crepes run by various charitable organizations as well as a many Christmas lights, nostalgic carousels and "der Schinderhannes" contributes to the particular ambiance of Kläschen.


Fotos: W.Scherzer