Guided toures

Visit the Old Hanseatic Town Lemgo. Its well preserved medieval town centre with splendid stone and luxuriously adorned half-timbered houses date from the Late-Gothic and Renaissance period. These sites embody the rich culture that Lemgo has to offer.

There is a lot to see - You will have an excellent opportunity to get to know the town better on a guided walking-tour! There a number of different kinds of excursions to choose from e.g.:

Excursion "Renaissance architecture"

Visits the following: the "Hexenbürgermeisterhaus" Municipal Museum - the Old Abbey - the "Neustätter Zwillinge" - the "Wippermannhaus" - the Market Square - "Rathaus" (Town Hall) with the "Apothekenerker" (Apothecary) - St. Nicolai’s church - "Östliche Mittelstr." (the well maintained and artfully decorated houses of Lemgos prominent residents of days gone by) - the "Haus Sonnenuhr" - "Planetenhaus" - "Kanzlerbrunnen" and many other.

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